Virtual Consulting Service List

Pricing of services are subject to change as product markets evolve.  Service package plans may be selected after evaluations/diagnostics are completed by a BCBA-D. 

Assigned a Virtual Consultant BCBA-D

Hybrid Model Consultation which includes interaction through innovative technology of cameras, skype, Facetime and face to face consultation at least once every 6 weeks. 

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Home Camera System for Virtual Consulting

Each home that would like to participate in the virtural consultation program may purchase an in home camera and have it shipped to their home in 3 or more days to begin ABA virtual consulting with a BCBA-D or other Behavior Support Specialist who are staffed at CIBI, LLC.

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Parent Capstone Training


This course is provided for a parent to engage in interactive ABA interventions that they are designed and implemented at home under the careful and approved instructions of our ABA Therapist on staff. These courses will allow parents to create created tools that are specific to their child's needs.