Penned at Karen's Desk

Karen Goodman is the CEO/Founder of CIBI, LLC. She has a zeal for children who have been diagnosed with Autism or whom are on the spectrum. She earned a Bachelor's and a Masters of Arts Degree in Mass Communications from Southern University A & M College. Later she matriculated in Guidance Counseling at Tarleton State University in Texas. Furthermore, she received her Applied Behavior Analysis: Respecialization Certification in 2014  from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Although, she is seeking licensure by the BCBA Governing Board,  she has over 4 years’ experience "in the chair" providing ABA services as well as operating a pilot program for children diagnosed with ASD. She has used signature opportunities in her business to serve clients and their support system by using innovative tools like cameras for Behavior Support Specialist, who have to travel over 50 miles to serve a client. By doing business via camera’s in the home or school setting reduces the drive time and allows a Behavior Support Specialist the unique opportunity to give ABA treatment with in the moment commands, suggestions and techniques as the behavior is occurring.