Center for Integrated Behaviorial Innovations Inc.

We are the first ABA Virtual Consulting Clinic in the state of Mississippi and surrounding areas. We are planning to offer our parents the following services to minimize their drive time namely, ABA, Speech, Occupational, Physical therapy along with parental capstone will be offered in one location. CIBI offers parents to consult with Doctoral level BCBA's who have a wealth of knowlege and rich "best practice" experiences will be able to provide virtual and face to face consulting. We have Special Education Proctors who will assist parents who are first time participants in the IEP process. Our mission is to create innovative ways to change disruptive behavior, increase positive education experiences and introduce social development skills for all clients. We provide services to children ages 2 to 14.

Take control of 





your Childs

greatest being.




My daily goal is to stay motivated to meet you in the clinic or community setting providing you with the best innovative behavioral tools for success.

-Karen Goodman



"Thank you for being willing to help those who often don’t speak to learn how.

Thank you for your boundless dedication to helping our kids become the best that they can become.

Thank you for always coming to work because you know that when you’re out our kids’ entire week can be disrupted and basically lost." 



Exeptional behavior is our goal.



"Thank you for dancing, singing, bouncing, stomping, clapping, winking, high-fiveing, and “playing” (which is the best and truest form of teaching) with our kids."


"Thank you for never, ever, ever giving up on our kids even when they scratch you, bite you, hit you, kick you, run away from you, wipe their nose on you (or other bodily functions that need not be mentioned here).

I have been around educators my entire life in nearly every setting imaginable, and I have never known a group of educators more willing to do the impossible than those who are regularly working with our kids on the spectrum."






"We could not do this without you, and your efforts have not gone unnoticed by this parent and countless others I know.

Thank you." -Anonymous

The innovative performance of our staff on a daily basis assist our clients with an Autism diagnosis to have the best Applied Behavioral Analysis treatment technically and medically throughout the state of Missisippi.

-Karen Goodman, M.Ed. (CEO/Owner)

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